• The biker who goes on vacation by car or plane
  • The person who has a motorcycle license but who hasn't had a motorcycle for a long time and who had fun
  • The person who wants to do a fun activity during his holidays
  • The motorcyclist who decides to buy a new motorcycle and who wants to take a long-term test
  • The person who has a mechanical problem on his vehicle and who needs to move


  • You will not have motorcycle credit
  • You won't have to pay for motorcycle insurance
  • You will always rent recent motorcycles
  • You will always rent clean and maintained motorcycles
  • You can choose a different motorbike for each rental
  • You don't have to go to the garage for maintenance
  • You won't need a garage to store the motorcycle
  • You will not have to do the usual technical checks such as tire pressures or chain lubrication
  • You can try a model you want to buy for several days and in all conditions

In summary, renting a motorcycle allows you to experience a unique driving experience, discover new horizons while having financial and practical benefits.