SH MotoRent Trip & Tour is a motorcycle travel agency located in Beaucaire that offers our customers motorcycle rides in beautiful landscapes in the south of France, such as the Cévennes, Camargue, Lubéron, Mont Ventoux, Pont du Gard and the Cirque de Navacelles. The agency offers an innovative travel concept that differs from traditional travel where customers have to change hotels every day and pack their bags constantly.

The concept of SH MotoRent Trip & Tour is to provide its customers with a base in a four-star hotel, where they can return each evening after their ride. Customers can thus enjoy comfortable and quality accommodation throughout their stay. In addition, the agency offers a motorcycle rental service for those who cannot travel with their own motorcycle.

The great advantage of this travel concept is the flexibility it offers customers. Indeed, they can choose their route each day and are not obliged to follow a specific route. This allows them to adapt to their needs and desires, and to discover the landscapes of the south of France at their own pace.

In summary, SH MotoRent Tour offers a unique experience to its customers by allowing them to discover the magnificent landscapes of the south of France in complete freedom, without the constraints of traditional travel. Thanks to this innovative travel concept, customers can enjoy quality accommodation and great flexibility in their choice of itineraries.

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