Rent 2 offers rental or loan of various equipment for motorcyclists. Of course, all of our equipment is cleaned after each rental. We will explain in detail what is done.

Jacket / Jackets / Pants / Gloves

We have chosen textile jackets and pants to make it easier to clean them. Of course, this is the equipment for the motorcyclist. After each rental, the equipment is completely cleaned in the washing machine.


The helmet, an essential safety element for motorcycling on the road, is part of the equipment that we lend or rent. After each rental, the helmet is completely cleaned. There is an exterior cleaning which includes a cleaning of the visor with suitable products and an interior cleaning.

All inner foams of a motorcycle helmet are removable and can be washed in a washing machine. This is what we do after each rental.

We clean the inner foam of each helmet. When you rent a motorcycle helmet from Rent 2, you are guaranteed that it has been cleaned and that the foams are 100% clean.

Finally, know that if you wish, you can also ask us for a cap to protect your hair and your skull.

Shoes / Boots

Since motorcycle boots or biker shoes are usually made of leather, it is impossible to clean them in the washing machine.

Our shoe cleaning method takes place in three points

1* Exterior, we shine the shoes

2* We remove the insoles and wash them in the washing machine

3* We use a spray cleaner for the inside of the shoe


The motorcycle airbag is used above the jacket. So the cleaning is limited to an exterior surface cleaning to remove all that is gnats, mosquitoes and other external dirt.