Rental of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 in Nîmes, Arles, and Avignon. For A2 licence.
  • Royal Enfield, the vintage motorcycle par excellence. For rent at SH MotoRent
  • Royal Enfield in the middle of the Camargue in Aigues Mortes in the company of pink flamingos. You too, come and rent it!
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 rental in the South of France
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 for rent for rides in Provence
  • Rental of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 in Nîmes, Arles, and Avignon. For A2 licence.
  • Authentic motorcycle and design from the 60s and 70s, the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 will take you far into Provence
  • A real neo retro motorcycle, beautiful and authentic. Rent a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Motorcycle Rental
  • Rent our Royal Enfield to visit Avignon, Arles or Nîmes
  • She awaits you for walks through the Gard. The classic Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Motorcycle Rental

ESSENTIAL Pack: Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 motorcycle rental per day:


Rent an authentic motorcycle, full of charm! Ride around on the handlebars of the Royal Enfield as we did in the 60s and 70s.

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Phone holder
  • Luggage
  • Photo Souvenir
  • SRA padlock
  • Free Rain Cancellation

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Rent a real neo-retro and terribly authentic motorcycle. Rent a Royal Enfield! The charm of this motorcycle is incredible! It takes us directly back 40 years. We find the motorcycles that our fathers or grandfathers knew. The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is an uncompromising motorcycle, authentic and slightly modernized.


  • License A or A2
  • Minimum 20 years old
  • Deposit of 2000
  • Original license and identity card

Driving this motorcycle will remain as easy and pure as in the 70s, however the level of safety has been increased.

 The benefits of SH MotoRent 

Unlimited km - 4 rental offers - In the heart of the Avignon, Arles and Nîmes triangle - Characterful and stylish motorcycles - 1 X options (find out more) - Free rain cancellation (Find out more) - Close to the most beautiful regions of the South of France (Provence, Camargue , Cévennes, PACA) - 7 days a week - Telephone support - Parking

 The options of our Royal Enfield Interceptor 650: 

Twin cylinder with a bewitching sound - 650cc - 47hp - A2 compliant - Polished aluminum casings - Comfortable - Solid engine - Increased agility thanks to its thin tires - Magnificent look - Real return to neo with its authentic handling - ABS - Only 202 kg.


With this offer, you can drive our motorcycles wherever you want, because the kilometers are unlimited. No nasty surprises when you return the bike. We will also lend you a padlock to SRA standards and the motorcycle will be equipped with a phone holder and the cover corresponding to the size of your smartphone.

 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 

Why did we choose this motorcycle?

As soon as you set your eyes on a Royal Enfield, you cannot remain indifferent. Indeed, it is an authentic and truly neo-retro motorcycle. She breathes the 60s and 70s and the look she has opens up breaches in our child's soul. No matter how old we are, we've all known this bike. Whether it's our fathers or our grandfathers, we all have a memory of a classic motorcycle in old family photos or even in the back of a family barn. The Royal Enfield Interceptor has a rare authenticity and a simplicity of driving allowing all motorcyclists, beginners or not, to take pleasure in its handlebars. Its chassis is sound, the narrow tires give incomparable agility to this small 47 horsepower motorcycle. Since it can be driven by young A2 licenses, everyone can have fun riding this Royal Enfield. Since it is a motorcycle that is built today, the Royal Enfield Interceptor has ABS braking. This increases security. Finally, what really pleased us and led us to offer you this Royal Enfield Interceptor motorcycle for rent is that the engine is full. That is to say that, despite its low power, the engine is dynamic enough to take you on large departmental roads through the Gard or the PACA region, but it will have enough power for revivals if you walk around in small passes of Auvergne or on the small winding roads of the Cévennes. Before offering this bike for hire, we tried it on the roads of the Nesque gorges, among other places. She was immediately a crush. His demeanor is healthy and simple. You should not expect either an ultramodern motorcycle with electronics managing all the dynamic qualities of the motorcycle. Nope ! It's a motorcycle that drives simply, as before, as our ancestors did. As you said before, to test this bike we simply decided to ride in the Gorges de la Nesque then we decided to climb Mont Ventoux. The engine availability, as well as the agility of the bike, really increased the pleasure of this ride. And, icing on the cake, once parked at the Reynard chalet, a large number of tourists and cyclists came to see our Royal Enfield Interceptor. Indeed, its authentic beauty opens wonder in the hearts of passers-by.

Data sheet

Type of motorcycles
650 cc
47 HP
Engine Type
Inline twin
Seat Height
790 MM
A2 Licence
Heated Grips
Engine mapping
12v/USB socket
Cornering ABS
Cornering Stability Control
Traction Control
Anti Wheeling
Cruise Control


Guide de démarrage Royal Enfield

Download (406.65KB)

Starting Guide Interceptor 650

The Royal Enfield Interceptor Starting Guide is a comprehensive document that provides detailed instructions on how to start your Royal Enfield Interceptor motorcycle safely and efficiently. This guide is for Royal Enfield Interceptor owners and contains important information on starting procedure, precautions, common problems and possible solutions.

Download (405.17KB)
  Daily Tarif TTC Daily Rate 90.83€
  Weekly Tarif TTC 8 days of rental ! ! ! 682.50€
  Daily Tarif TTC Daily Rate 115.83€
  Weekly Tarif TTC 8 days of rental ! ! ! 882.50€
  Daily Tarif TTC Daily Rate 140.83€
  Weekly Tarif TTC 8 days of rental ! ! ! 1,082.50€
  Daily Tarif TTC Daily Rate 182.50€
  Weekly Tarif TTC 8 days of rental ! ! ! 1,382.50€

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