Indian FTR1200S Motorcycle Rental. American high-end motorcycle. Big sporty roadster stuffed with torque
  • Indian FTR1200S Motorcycle Rental. American high-end motorcycle. Big sporty roadster stuffed with torque
  • rental of a magnificent and high-end motorcycle Indian motorcycles
  • Indian FTR1200 S, top-of-the-range model for rent on SH MotoRent for rides in the south of France
  • Exceptional motorcycle rental Indian Motorcycles. FTR 1200S with Dr Jekill and Mr Hyde exhaust
  • Rental of Indian motorcycles for rides in Avignon, Nîmes, Arles and Provence
  • TFT dashboard for our Indian FTR1200S. This motorcycle is for rent in our rental agency in the Gard
  • Very stylish rear light on the Indian FTR1200S. It's LED for more visibility
  • Rent an exceptional American motorcycle Indian Motorcycles FTR 1200S
  • Indian FTR1200 S, gray and red model

Indian FTR 1200 Motorcycle Rental

ESSENTIAL Pack: Indian FTR 1200 S motorcycle rental per day :


Take the roads of Provence on the handlebars of this atypical Indian! A roadster chassis and an American V2. The recipe for happiness!

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Phone holder
  • Luggage
  • Photo Souvenir
  • SRA padlock
  • Free Rain Cancellation

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The V2 stuffed with American torque makes you dream? Rent this Indian Motorcycles FTR. The soul of an American with an easy chassis for our winding and European roads. This Indian has a "mouth of hell". We don't really know if it's an American or a roadster. The FTR is beautiful, the finish is impeccable and, when its engine starts, an enjoyable pleasure pervades us thanks to the sound of the American twin.


  • License A
  • Minimum 23 years old
  • Deposit of 2000
  • Original license and identity card

 The benefits of SH MotoRent 

Unlimited km - 4 rental offers - In the heart of the Avignon, Arles and Nîmes triangle - Characterful and stylish motorcycles - 1 X options (Find out more) - Free Cancellation Rain (find out more) - Close to the most beautiful regions of the South of France (Provence, Camargue , Cévennes, PACA) - 7 days a week - Telephone support - Parking

 The options of our Indian FTR 1200: 

TFT touchscreen and bluetooth dashboard - 1200cc - 123cv - Cruise control - S model (sport) - Brembo brake calipers - Headlight cowl - Cornering stability control - Traction control - Corner ABS - Anti-wheelie - 3 driving modes - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde exhaust for a hoarse and serious sound



With this offer, you can drive our motorcycles wherever you want, because the kilometers are unlimited. No nasty surprises when you return the bike. We will also lend you a padlock to SRA standards and the motorcycle will be equipped with a phone holder and the cover corresponding to the size of your smartphone.

 Indian Motorcycles FTR 1200 

We have chosen to offer you the Indian FTR 1200 because it is an atypical motorcycle. Halfway between the roadster and the American motorcycle, the Indian is a rare bird compared to what is generally offered by European or Japanese manufacturers. The Indian has a playful and very efficient chassis with the large V2 (Twin) engine. It is well known, the engine of an American motorcycle is very torquey and the accelerations are lightning. The combination of these two qualities makes it a very pleasant motorcycle. Indeed, you can easily overtake a vehicle by accelerating very quickly, but you can also stroll gently across the plains of the Camargue at a constant speed of 50 km/h. If you want to test the Indian on the small winding roads of the mountain passes, the bike will be there. Indeed, it is efficient and easy to take on small steep and winding roads. The first time we saw this bike was at a motorcycle show. Of course, we knew the Indian Motorcycles brand. But we did not know this model at all. Intrigued by this almost sporty roadster, we asked the seller for more information. He told us that this motorcycle had the soul of an American motorcycle but with a more sporty spirit. It was enough to arouse our curiosity and we gave this bike a test drive. The first thing that stands out about this bike is the riding position, which is easy and relatively relaxing. Then, when you start the engine, you feel it lives. Indeed, we are not on a sanitized motorcycle, because the engine vibrates slightly and the motorcycle has character. It has an authentic American motorcycle soul. During the test, the Indian quickly appeared as a player once you turn the throttle and she was there when you just wanted to walk around and "cruise" calmly. In short, we rode around the city center of Montpellier and the bike behaved wonderfully. Then, we left for Palavas les flots, and we were able to take advantage of the dynamism of the engine. It was a successful trial and we immediately knew we had to offer the Indian Motorcycles FTR1200 for rental.


Data sheet

Type of motorcycles
1200 cc
125 HP
Engine Type
Seat Height
780 MM
A2 Licence
233 kg
Heated Grips
Engine mapping
12v/USB socket
Cornering ABS
Cornering Stability Control
Traction Control
Anti Wheeling
Cruise Control


Guide de démarrage Indian FTR

Download (827.78KB)

Starting Guide Indian FTR

The Indian FTR 1200S Start-Up Guide is an essential tool for owners of this powerful and racy motorcycle. It provides all the necessary information for optimal use of the motorcycle, including technical specifications, driving tips and tricks for a safe and hassle-free riding experience. This guide is easy to understand and use, and is the best way to get the most out of your Indian FTR 1200S motorcycle.

Download (816.15KB)
  Daily Tarif TTC Daily Rate 133€
  Weekly Tarif TTC 8 days of rental ! ! ! 999€
  Daily Tarif TTC Daily Rate 158€
  Weekly Tarif TTC 8 days of rental ! ! ! 1,216€
  Daily Tarif TTC Daily Rate 183€
  Weekly Tarif TTC 8 days of rental ! ! ! 1,399€
  Daily Tarif TTC Daily Rate 224€
  Weekly Tarif TTC 8 days of rental ! ! ! 1,716€

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